Pros and Cons of Curved Wedding Bands


curved wedding bands pros and cons

Weddings are full of choices and selecting a wedding band will be one of those decisions.  The biggest choice you will need to make is if you want to shop for straight wedding bands or curved wedding bands.  Each ring possesses it's own advantages.  Therefore, no matter what ring you choose it will be the right one for you!  You simply can't go wrong when you follow your heart.

Pros of Curved Wedding Bands

1. Fit of Curved Wedding Bands 

Curved wedding bands are typically custom fit around your engagement ring setting. This ensures that there are no spaces or gaps between the rings.  The close and form-following fit will give your wedding set a meticulous and well matched look.  

2. Styling of Curved Wedding Bands

Pairing a curved wedding band above AND below the engagement ring will allow your ring to be framed similarly to ring guards.  This gives you a big bridal look as well as lending extra protection from bumps and bangs.

3. Alignement of Curved Wedding Bands

A curved wedding band is often more likely to stay aligned with the engagement ring rather than turning in different directions.

Cons of Curved Wedding Bands

There is really only one notable concern when selecting a curved wedding band.  You have to wear your engagement ring everyday.  These rings are made to be worn with an engagement ring setting and look out of place without it.  

Now, this may seem like a silly concern, especially when you are first engaged and your ring is sparkly and new, but for many people, it is not always practical to wear your ring everyday. This is especially for moms and people who work with small children (imagine glue, muck, and paint constantly getting in your setting) and people in active careers where a higher set engagement ring may be routine bumped and banged such as gardeners, dog trainers, chefs, and nurses.  For these individuals, on a daily basis it is simply more practical to wear the wedding band only.  So, before you pick out your ring consider your future plans for career, family, hobbies, etc.

Here are some beautiful examples of curved wedding bands:

rose gold curved wedding bands
Antique Style Curved Wedding Bands

diamond curved wedding bands

Channel Set Curved Wedding Bands

plain curved wedding bands

Simple Curved Wedding Bands


curved diamond band

Prong Set Curved Wedding Bands

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