Matching Wedding Bands, HELP! I Don't Like Them

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Does it feel like everyone is buying matching wedding bands?  That's great, unless you want a different look.

Sound familiar? If you do not want a wedding band that is identical to your engagement ring then rest assured, you are not alone.  Mix and match wedding bands are a great option and give you endless opportunities to find the ring of your dreams. In this blog I am going to show you:

  • 9 Celebrity Wedding Sets That DO NOT Match (in a bold and beautiful way)
  • 9 Universal Wedding Bands That Look Great with Any Engagement Ring

First, let's discuss the phrase 'matching wedding bands,' this can have two meanings:

Matching your spouse's wedding band with your or own
Matching your engagement ring with your wedding band

Today, we are going to discuss the latter (though I will have a blog on the other one soon). 

9 Celebrities with Non-Matching Wedding Bands

These celebrities are doing bridal their way, and it's fabulous!  Instead of matching sets they have chosen creative pairings and juxtapositions, such as mixed metals, diamond vs. non-diamond, setting styles, and more.  Let's take a closer look help get your creative juices flowing!

Celebrity Wedding Band Ideas, Amy Adams Wedding Ring, Wedding Band Trends, Non Matching Wedding Bands
Image: InStyle Magazine

Celebrities Without Matching Wedding Bands #1: Amy Adams

I love Amy Adam's wedding set because it is reminiscent of traditional 'matching wedding bands' but she made it her own using a mixed metal look.  She paired her white gold or platinum engagement ring setting with yellow and rose gold wedding bands. This ring guard style look is superb.  First it frames the ring giving it drama and beauty.  Second, it adds protection to the band of her engagement ring.  Love love love!   

Celebrity Wedding Band Ideas, Drew Barrymore Wedding Rings, Tips To Planning A Hollywood Style Wedding

Image: InStyle Magazine

Celebrities Without Matching Wedding Bands #2: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is a style icon, she always finds a way to do it 'her' way and look beautiful in the process.  What I love about her wedding set is how she paired a classic engagement ring setting with a vintage style wedding band.  It's unique, elegant, and tells her style story!

Giuliana Rancic Wedding Rings, How To plan a celebrity Wedding Band, non matching wedding bands
Image: InStyle 
Celebrities Without Matching Wedding Bands #3: Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic is no stranger to fashion and style.  Her bold halo engagement ring with a tri-split shank is a stunner.  Therefore, she chose a wedding band equally bold and beautiful.  The lesson here is, sometimes you have to go bold when your pairing with bold.  

Hannah Davis Wedding Ring Set, How to matching a wedding band with my engagement ring, Wedding Band Tips
Image: People Magazine
 Celebrities Without Matching Wedding Bands #4: Hannah Davis

Hanna Davis' wedding set is a lesson in all things timeless!  She paired a classic diamond eternity band with her classic engagement ring.  Lesson learned: classic doesn't mean old fashion when you pair them perfectly.  It's a classic because it will always be in style.
Celebrities Without Matching Wedding Bands #5: Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy has never been one to follow the crowd and this wedding set proves it. For me, this wedding set is all about the contrasting bands.  The engagement ring's band is rich with diamonds and has a dramatic taper white the wedding band is all about the metal with just a touch of embellishments on the rims and no taper at all!  It's the contrast that makes this beautiful. 

Lauren Conrad Wedding Band, How To Buy A Non Matching Wedding Band, Celebrity Wedding Rings 
Image: InStyle Magazine
Celebrities Without Matching Wedding Bands #6: Lauren Conrad
Brides-to-be across the country began looking more closely at classic solitaire engagement rings when Lauren Conrad said yes to this beautiful ring.  It's classic styling makes it the quintessential engagement ring.  And, the bold contrast between her gold setting and her delicate diamond band shows us how juxtaposition can make both rings 'pop.'  

Margot Robbie Wedding Band, Celebrity Wedding Rings, How To Plan A celebrity Wedding, Non Matching Wedding Bands and Celebrities
Image: People Magazine
Celebrities Without Matching Wedding Bands #7: Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie's wedding band is a playful version of her wedding band, the similar diamond setting and metal plays off of the engagement ring.  However, by selecting a smaller wedding band, it make the engagement ring look even larger.  Neat effect!

 Nicole Richie Wedding Rings, How To Buy non matching Wedding Rings, Unique Wedding Bands and Matching Wedding Rings
Celebrities Without Matching Wedding Bands #8: Nicole Richie
When it comes to halo engagement rings that are this big, bold, and beaming your only wedding band option (if you want to actually see it) is to go for contrast!  Good job Nicole!  The contrasting stones, metals, setting style, and band width are perfect!

 Celebrities Without Matching Wedding Bands #9: Nikki Reed
Nikkie Reed, like many brides who have unique engagement rings, most likely found herself without an easy match to this vintage style halo engagement ring.  However, by pairing it with two contrasting bands she played of the unique theme and gave her set a bold and beautiful look.  

9 Non-Matching Wedding Bands Looks For You To Consider

Now that we have seen what the celebrities chose, let's look at some universal wedding bands that can pair with any engagement ring.  As you look through these rings look at your own engagement ring and decide what characteristics you would like to contrast or compliment.  Knowing what you have and what you want are essential to finding the perfect non-matching wedding bands.  


Common Prong Diamond Bands, Rose gold Diamond Bands, universal diamond bands, wedding rings that match everything

Common Prong Diamond Band
While also called Shared Prong Diamond Band, this timeless straight common prong set diamond wedding band from David Connolly can be ordered in yellow, white, or rose gold or platinum.  
Suggestion: Pair this wedding band against a classic solitaire engagement ring. 

 Common Prong Eternity Diamond Band, Wedding Ring with diamonds all around, Luxury Wedding Bands, Wedding Rings That Match All Engagement Rings

Common Prong Diamond Eternity Band

This wedding ring style is also called a shared prong diamond eternity band.  While similar to the straight common prong diamond band pictured above, where the diamonds only wrap half way around the band, this eternity ring completely encircles the entire finger in diamonds.  
Suggestion: Pair this wedding band against a classic solitaire engagement ring.
 Euro Diamond Bands, Square Wedding Rings, Square Eternity Bands, Euro Eternity Bands, Stackable Euro Wedding Bands, Stackable Square Wedding Bands
 Euro Shank Eternity 
It's best described as a square wedding band but it's proper name is a Euro Shank.  There are a variety of reasons that brides choose Euro Shank wedding bands, also know as square wedding bands.  Some brides feel they tend to spin less, while other brides find they still spin, but have a more modern look with the square design.

Suggestion: Pair this wedding band against a classic solitaire engagement ring to contrast in shape as well as a gold vs. diamond band look. 

Emerald Wedding Rings, Gemstone Wedding Rings, Emerald Wedding Bands, Gemstone Wedding Bands

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Choosing an emerald, ruby, or sapphire wedding band will add a splash of color to your all diamond wedding set.

Suggestion: Pair gemstone wedding bands with all diamond engagement rings by selecting a stone with sentimental value such as the birthstone of the month in which you met or a favorite color you share. 

curved wedding bands, contoured wedding bands, universal wedding rings, simple curved wedding rings
Curved Wedding Bands

Just because curved bands are traditional paired as matching wedding bands doesn't meant that's the only way they can be worn.  

Suggestion: Use a curved wedding band to add contrast in setting style, metal color, or add diamonds against the metal shank of a classic solitaire while having rings that nest against each other perfectly.

Large Diamond Wedding Ring, five stone diamond band, simple diamond rings
Diamond Bands with Larger Stones

Three and Four stone diamond bands were popular in the early 2000's when three stone rings were all the rage.  Today, these rings are finding new life by pairing them with bold engagement rings that require a bigger wedding band look.  

Suggestion: Use a diamond band with larger stones against a classic solitaire or a bold halo setting.  PLUS, swap out the diamonds for gemstones to add further contrast!

Stackable Vintage Diamond Bands, Antique Style Wedding Rings, Vintage Inspired Diamond Rings
Vintage Wedding Bands

Vintage wedding bands and vintage style wedding bands can add a stylist contrast to a variety of engagement rings including classic, modern, and unique engagement rings.

Suggestion: Pair a unique engagement ring, like a cocktail ring with a vintage style floral wedding band to add contrast while keeping the 'unique' theme at the forefront of the set.

Simple diamond rings, plain diamond bands, little diamond band

Simple Wedding Rings

Look no further to add contrast to any diamond mounting including modern, classic, or vintage engagement rings than a simple wedding ring like these seamless band from Jabel.  The contrast of an iconic wedding band is always a bold and beautiful choice. Plus, these bands come in a variety of widths, depth of curvature, and metal colors.

Suggestion:  You can DO NO WRONG when pairing a simple wedding ring with any engagement ring.  They are simply beautiful.

stackable diamond rings, stackable diamond bands, rope edge diamond stackable bands
Stackable Wedding Rings

Stackable wedding rings in contrasting color are gorgeous regardless of if they are diamond bands, simple wedding rings, or vintage style and they will certainly pair with your engagement ring.

Suggestion: Find a wedding band you love and work with your jeweler to find a way to make it work with your engagement ring.

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