Jewelry that says 'Love'


love jewelry

Jewelry is given for a number of reasons, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones.  The common denominator in all these gifts is love.  You give because you love.  Here are 5 gifts that define love, both literally and figuratively.


cupids arrow ring

Love Jewelry #1: Cupid's Arrow Ring

As the god of love, affection, and attraction, who wouldn't want to be struck by Cupid's arrow?  Especially, when given by someone you love.  This gorgeous arrow ring wraps around the finger with sparkling diamonds.  It's modern in its design and timeless in its meaning.  

symbolic jewelry

Love Jewelry #2: Simple Gold Wedding Bands

A simple gold wedding ring symbolizes the eternity of love. Just like love, it has no beginning and no end, and will continue forever.  Therefore, giving a symbolic ring such as a simple gold band is a profound statement of love.  


diamond heart necklace

Love Jewelry #3: Heart Necklaces

A heart is the most recognizable symbol of love.  Be it a small gemstone heart pendant or a large diamond heart necklace, the meaning is obvious.

rose gold wedding bands

Love Jewelry #4: A Bouquet To Last A Lifetime

Why give a bouquet that will last a few days, when you can give a bouquet to last a lifetime?  These beautiful 14kt rose gold bands with green gold leaves can be worn as fashion rings or wedding bands (who doesn't love rose gold wedding bands?).  Both the roses and leafs are struck separately, hand assembled by a team of expert jewelers, die struck to create a finished band, and then hand engraved to bring out the details.  These rings are truly a labor of love, ideal for the one you love.

gemstone heart necklace

Love Jewelry #5: Gemstones Are For Love

Gemstones are a great way to personalize jewelry.  Here are just a few ways you can use gem jewelry to show your partner how much you love them:

  • Your Birthstone - Giving your partner your birthstone can be symbolic of giving them your love.  
  • Both Birthstones - Another romantic use of birthstone gem jewelry is giving your partner jewelry with two stones; your birthstone and their birthstone.  This symbolizes the joining your lives together.
  • Using the birthstones as representation of a special date in your relationship is another use of gem jewelry.  By giving jewelry with the stone of the month you met, started dating, etc., you can commemorate that moment forever.
  • Picking a symbolic color is another romantic way of selecting gem jewelry.  For example, red is symbolic of love, therefore, red colored gemstones such as garnet, rhodolite, and ruby would all convey the meaning of love.

Comment below with your ideas on how to give 'Love'.

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