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Meet David Connolly.  He is more than just the owner and president of design house David Connolly, Inc. that we offer here at Bella's, he is a champion of the American jewelry industry with a passion for gemology. It all began shortly after David graduated Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.  He began working for the State Department in Columbia and fell in love with the country's rich deposit of emeralds.  He started a small emerald importing business, selling his stone in Boston. From there he began learning about jewelry and developing an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into creating every piece of jewelry.  Overtime as his passion grew so did his company and today he owns one of the most respected design houses in the country.   

One of his greatest interests in preserving iconic American jewelry collections.  Since 2004 David and his wife, Nora have saved 2 historic jewelry designs houses and hold the designer records for legendary designers F.F. Felger and Larre.  "I believe in the artistry, skill, and craftsmanship of the America jewelry industry," said Mr. Connolly. Today his family of design collections includes: 

David Connolly, Inc.
Founded 1989
Engel Brothers
Founded 1930
Jabel Die Struck Jewelry 
Founded 1916
Predates 1920
In honor of the emeralds that started it all, let's take a look a some of David's beautiful emerald jewelry. Including emerald rings, pendants, earrings, anniversary bands, ensembles, and more. And, yes, it is still all Made In America!

Three stone emerald and pearl jewelry set, classic emerald jewelry set, classic matching pearl and emerald jewelry Emerald and Pearl Earrings and Pendant

Emerald and diamond cluster necklaces, omega necklaces, luxury emerald jewelry Emerald and Diamond Omega Slides (Top, Middle, Bottom)
 Emerald and Diamond burst, Emerald snowflake necklace, emerald snowflake pendant, emerald starburst pendant, emerald starburst earringsEmerald and Diamond Halo Pendant and Earrings
 Princess Di Jewelry, Princess Di Ring, Emerald and Diamond Princess Di jewelry
Princess Di Style Emerald and Diamond Ring, Earrings, and Pendant
 Emerald and Diamond Anniversary Band, Emerald and Diamond Channel Band, Gemstone Wedding Bands, Gemstone Anniversary Bands
Jabel Emerald and Diamond Band

Emerald and Diamond Vintage Wedding Bands, Stackable Vintage Style Gemstone Wedding Rings, Vintage style wedding bands in emerald
Vintage Style Diamond and Emerald Band
Anniversary Diamond Bands, Emerald and Diamond Wedding Bands, Gemstone Anniversary Bands, Gemstone Wedding Rings, Gemstone Wedding Bands
Machine Set Emerald and Diamond Stackable Anniversary Band

Diamond and Emerald Wedding Band, Five Stone Emerald Band, Common Prong Emerald Ring, Gemstone Wedding Bands
Common Prong Diamond Wedding Band
Diamond Hoop Earrings, Emerald Hoop Earrings, Emerald and Diamond Hoop Earrings, Diamond Hoops with Emeralds 
Common Prong Emerald and Diamond Hoop Earrings
 Emerald clusters, emerald and diamond earrings, petite emerald earrings, small emerald earrings, three stone emerald earrings, four stone emerald earrings
Petite Emerald and Diamond Earrings
 Emerald and Diamond Pendant, long emerald pendant, unique emerald and diamond necklaces
Emerald and Diamond Drop Pendant
 emerald claddagh ring, claddagh ring with emerald, yellow gold claddagh with emerald
Emerald Claddagh Ring
Emerald and Diamond Birthstone ring, bypass emerald ring, may birthstone rings, emerald birthstone rings
Birthstone Ring in Emerald and Diamond
 Emerald and diamond rings, oval gemstone ring with three diamonds on the side, classic emerald ring, classic gemstone rings
Emerald Ring with Three Diamond Accents

vintage diamond halo ring, antique style emerald ring, emerald ring with diamonds around
Vintage Style Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring
three stone rings, three stone emerald and diamond ring, bold three stone emerald ring, classic emerald and diamond rings 
Classic Emerald and Diamond Ring
 three stone emerald ring, gemstone oval rings with three stones and diamonds, bold gemstone rings, big emeralds rings, big gemstone rings
Three Stone Emerald Ring with Diamonds

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