Iconic Jewelry Moments In the Movies

jewelry in the movies
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Jewelry holds a special place in our hearts.  Simultaneously, it is valuable, sentimental, and beautiful.  Therefore, it's inevitable that it would play a major role in some of the most popular movies in our country's history.  Here are 5 movies that had iconic jewelry moments.

jewelry in the moviesImage: IMDB

Jewelry Movie Moments: Pretty Woman

Who can forget the playful way Edward, played by Richard Gere, snapped the case on Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, and her exuberant laughter that followed.  Then, the equally iconic scene when Vivian stands in front of the mirror wearing one of the most iconic diamond and gem necklaces in movie history.  It's a Cinderella story with a true princess moment.

jewelry in the moviesImage: IMDB

Jewelry Movie Moments: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

When Lorelei Lee, played by Marilyn Monroe, stepped out in that hot pink dress singing "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" the only thing more gleaming than her beauty were the diamonds draped around her.


jewelry in the movies
Image: IMDB

Jewelry Movie Moments: Titanic

If it were not for the fictional halo style blue heart diamond necklace, called "The Heart of The Ocean," James Cameron's Titanic would not have had all it's romantic plot twists and turns.  That one necklace demonstrated Cal's superficial love for Rose, Jack's demise, the world's obsession with the riches of the Titanic, and in the very end, how we knew that the elderly lady was indeed Rose.  


jewelry in the moviesImage: IMDB

Jewelry Movie Moments: Lord of The Rings

One ring to rule all rings!  Now this is a movie about jewelry and how if simple wedding bands were forged in Mordor, how much trouble we would all be in.  The entire trilogy was based on Frodo, played by Elijah Wood, and his epic quest to destroy a simple looking gold band. 


jewelry in the movies
Image: Goonies and Map Mentalfloss, Treasure Room GeekTyrant

Jewelry Movie Moments: Goonies

When a group of local kids are about to loose their neighborhood they ban together on journey for pirate's treasure to save their town.  After escaping from 'bad guys', surviving booby traps, and dodging skeletons they find themselves in a see of gold, tiaras, precious stones, and lots of gem jewelry.  In the end it's a small bag of gemstones that save the day.  Can you image those stones set in Jabel ring settings?

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