How Long Does It Take To Buy Diamond Engagement Rings?


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Did you know that it typically takes 3 months to buy an engagement ring? Does that sound like a long time?  Believe it or not, some grooms can spend up to a year preparing to buy a ring.  If you are asking "why?"  The answer is simple, when it comes to an engagement ring, being an educated shopper is far more involved than you think.  Not only do you need to learn the 4cs of diamonds, but you need to know how to balance these characteristics within your budget.  Plus, you need to find a mounting that highlights the beauty of your stone.  I have prepared the following engagement ring shopping FAQ to help get you started:

Quick summary of the 4Cs of Diamonds, What is the 4Cs of Diamonds

"Why does it take so long to learn the diamond 4cs?"

Without a doubt, when you first google "engagement rings," one of the most common phrases you will see is "the 4cs of diamonds."  There will be thousands of articles discussing, explaining, and diagramming each characteristic.  This goes to show you how important it is to learn about diamonds.  Not only do you need to learn new terminology and train your eye, but you need to develop an understanding of how diamonds are graded and how the different characteristics relate to one another. Plus, all of this needs to be done within the constraints of a budget and without having a gemology degree. It's a balancing act like you could never imagine; and doing it the right way takes time.

To illustrate why education is so important, let's look at one of the most common requests I get, grooms who say "I want a flawless stone."  When I hear this, I know two things 1) I have a grooms that wants the best for his future bride and 2) he has no idea what he wants. This is because, 'flawed' can still be exquisite.  However, not until he truly studies diamonds will he be able to understand this.  

So, let's get you started with some basic 4Cs of diamonds info.  First, what are the 4Cs of diamonds? The simplest answer is that the diamond 4cs represent a diamond's color, cut, clarity, and carat.  However, that is a very superficial answer.  It's one thing to know what the diamond 4C's are, and another thing to understand how they relate to one another.  I would suggest downloading our free diamond guide to get you started.  It's easy to understand, and can be viewed discreetly on your device so as not to tip her off to the upcoming surprise.  

There is one last aspect of learning the 4Cs of diamonds that I want to stress.  Learning takes time and dedication.  And, dedicating yourself to her ring will show a passion for her as well as your future together, making your ring purchase a symbol of your love and dedication to her. 

 How do I buy an engagement ring online?

"How do I shop for a diamond online?"

While some people may find shopping online a bit more challenging, the best part is that you can do it in total secrecy on your time rather than having to find the time to stop into a jewelry store and risk getting caught in the process.  With a few simple steps you can be on your way to finding the perfect diamond and engagement ring.  Here are some must-haves for your online store:

Do they offer for GIA grading reports (Gemological Institute of America) on all center stones. (Happy to report that Bella's only sells GIA graded center stones)
Make sure that you have a representative from the online store that will work one-on-one with you to ensure that all your needs, dreams, and concerns are addressed with personal attention.  Meet your Bella's representative by emailing us at
Look for a Quality Guarantee Policy (Yes, we have that too :) )
Tips To Budgeting for an Engagement Ring, Creating an Engagement Ring Budget
"What if my budget does not match my vision?"

Most grooms will experience a 'reality check' when they first start engagement ring shopping because, for most of them, this is the first real jewelry purchase they will make.  So, don't let the initial sticker shock frighten you, there are lots of great cost saving ways to get a ring that will sweep her off her feet, while not breaking the bank; including playing with diamond characteristics, finding cost effective designs, etc.  Let your Bella's representative guide you to the perfect ring today,

how do I buy an engagement ring, step by step guide to buying engagement rings
"Can you outline the steps to buying an engagement ring?"

Sure, buying a diamond, while it takes time, can be a rewarding experience if you take the time to do it right and have knowledgeable people guiding you through the process. Here is a quick run down of the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Learn the 4Cs of Diamonds
Step 2: Gather Intel (what she likes, what she wants)
Step 3: Find a support person that will be your confidant through this process; listen and encourage you but NOT influence you (this needs to come from you, not them)
Step 4: Start researching diamonds by looking at their grading reports
5Step: Decide on a realistic budget
Step 6: Select a diamond
Step 7: Select a mounting
Step 8: Provide BJF with your proposal date.  ***This is especially important if your proposing while traveling; providing the departure will eliminate any unfortunate surprises***
Step 9: Order your ring
Step 10: Plan the proposal
Step 11: Get the ring insured
Step 12: Propose
Step 13: Celebrate
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