How Long Does It Take To Buy A Wedding Band?


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Congratulations on your engagement! This is such a wonderful time for you and your fiancé.  From the romance of joining your lives to the excitement of planning an amazing party, there is so much to take in.  However, along with all the fun of planning can come the stress of budgeting funds and, just as important, TIME!  After all, who wants to feel stressed and under the clock when you should be enjoying these exciting moments. 

One of the areas many couples misjudge is how long it can take to buy a wedding band.  Sure, some brides and grooms may want a simple gold or diamond band and find it right away, but a unique ring may require extra time.  Budgeting a couple extra weeks is all it takes to ensure a stress-free experience.  

To help you budget your time and money wisely I have provided five important tips you should follow.  These tips will help you find the ring of your dreams, stay on schedule, and protect your investment.

1. Identify Your Budget 

The number one rule in wedding planning is always set a budget.  Not only will this keep you from over spending, it will also allow you to move money around, ensuring you get what you want at a price you can afford.  That way if you need to go over your wedding ring budget, you can cut back in other areas like favors or hotel room bags.  Likewise, if you find a great offer on your wedding band and jewelry you can free up some money for the honeymoon!

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2. Gather Important Info

We put together this free downloadable PDF of all the important info you will need to buy the perfect wedding band, from diamond grades to ring size, and, most importantly, the DEPARTURE date (when you will be leaving town to travel to your wedding).  Even if your wedding is only 5 minutes away, it's better to have everything done on time.

3. Find A Style

If you are one of the lucky brides that wants a classic diamond band or plain gold band, than you are in luck, your search should be stress-free.  However, if what you envision doesn't exist than you will need extra time to custom design your wedding band.  After all, this is a ring you will be wearing for the rest of your life, make sure it's perfect!

4. Leave Yourself Time

Don't wait till the last minute.  The final weeks leading up to your wedding will be both an emotional and chaotic time.  There are some tasks, such as fittings that need to be conducted just prior to your wedding.  To make sure you can easily accomplish those tasks you will want to get as much accomplished ahead of then as possible.  This will help minimize your stress level and leave plenty of fun time for you and your friends and family.

5.  Insure It

This final tip is one of the simplest and most important; get your ring insured.  It's as simple as requesting an appraisal and having your insurance company add a rider to your home owner or renters insurance.  It's relatively affordable and will be an absolute life saver should you loose your ring.

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