Guide To Matching Wedding Bands (When You're Not Sure You What To Do)

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Long gone are the days of matchy-matchy weddings!  Today, wedding band shopping is one of the most fun, freeing, exciting, and memorable experiences in wedding planning. The only thing you need to shop for is a band you love!  However, for couples that want their rings to match, the freedom can be stressful, overwhelming, and leave them asking....  
How do I know if these will match?  

What will my partner and I do if we can't find matching wedding bands?

What do we do if the bands we choose don't match my engagement ring?  
There are still ways to achieve the matching wedding bands look without having to fall with in strict dated confines.  So, take a deep breath, relax, and open yourself up to today's definition of 'matching wedding bands.'  You will be happy you did!

What are a matching wedding band?

Today, matching wedding bands are simply rings that look good together.  This is a dramatic shift from what 'matching wedding bands' were a few years ago.  For decades, matching wedding bands were literally rings that were mirror images of one another. Back then matching wedding bands and engagement rings had to have the same decorative diamond sizes and setting styles, the same mm width and shape to the bands, and the same metal colors.  Likewise, "his and her matching wedding bands" were near mirror images of one another, with one being slightly more petite. 

Will identical matching wedding bands make my set look old fashion?

Absolutely NOT!  The same reason why you don't need exact matching wedding bands, is the same reason you can have them.  A matching wedding band is what ever you define it as. Whether you love the two wedding bands look that matches your partner's and your engagement ring, or you choose an eclectic vintage style wedding band that has nothing to do with either his or your ring, but you love it.  The choice is yours. Find your look.  Own your look.  Love your look.  

How do you find matching wedding bands today?

While some brides and grooms find this broader definition of 'matching wedding bands," freeing, others find it somewhat overwhelming.  If you are one of those overwhelmed couples, and find that there are just too many choices these tips will help narrow your focus and relieve some of our stress.

Wedding Band Shopping Tips

Tip #1: How To Get Matching His and Hers Wedding Bands

Without a doubt, his and hers matching wedding bands are romantic.  The unity of the marriage represented in the unity of the rings is downright swoon-worthy.  However, that doesn't mean you have to two sizes of the same ring (unless you want to...then go for it!!!).  To get a less matchy-matchy set of wedding bands, that still relate to one another, sit down with your partner and talk out what you want in a wedding band.  Here are some examples:

Type of Metal Color(s)
Stones or No Stones
If Stones, diamonds or gemstones
Themes (vintage, classic, symbolic tribal/Celtic designs, etc.)
Plain or Ornate

Finding common ground on one or two points that you can match one another is all you need to achieve a set of matching wedding bands.  

Tip #2: How to Get A Wedding Band to Match Your Engagement Ring

Similar to my suggestion for matching "his and her wedding bands," you need to start by listing the attributes you love about your engagement ring.  These can include:

Metal color(s)
If Stones, diamonds or gemstones
Themes (floral, vintage, classic, etc.)
Bold or Subtle 
Specific Design Elements (hand engraving, millgraining, two tone metals, etc.)

Next, create a hierarchy, deciding what you love 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.   By writing it out, you are prioritizing what characteristics you will want most in a matching wedding band.  Not only will this help you find your perfect wedding band faster, but it will also give you confidence and piece of mind in your decision.  

Tip #3: How To Get Everything To Match While Still Being Unique

If you are reading this tip, then you clearly want it all!  You want your ring to match your partner and your engagement ring!  This can be a little more limiting in your options, but that may work to your advantage, making your options less overwhelming.  My best advice is to find two characteristic that can be shared among all three rings and instead of worrying about aesthetics, focus on meaning.  

Tip #4: It's Okay To Be Unique


You don't have to have matching bridesmaids dresses
You don't have to have your reception in a banquet hall
You don't have to wear a white dress
AND, you don't have to have perfectly matching wedding bands

Instead, you just have to love your wedding bands.  After all, it's the only part of your wedding that you will physically wear for the rest of your life. Love your rings and be true to yourself!

Tip #5: Don't Stress the Wedding Bands

As much fun as we have with bridal jewelry, style, and fashion, a wedding is truly about two people coming together to support one another in their new shared life.  Don't let the symbol of your marriage, the wedding bands, be a memory of stress and frustration. Embrace the freedom you have and enjoy the journey!
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