February Birthstone Amethyst: Science, Lore, & Beautiful Jewelry


What is the February birthstone, What birthstone is Amethyst, Amethyst birthstone jewelry, unique birthstone jewelry

If you were born in February, your birthstone is Amethyst.

The February birthstone, Amethyst is a rich purple stone that is truly regal.  The stone's captivating color and long history make this a wildly popular stone. Plus, it's the 6th and 17th anniversary gift.  Let's take a closer look.

This beautiful quartz mineral is thought to bring clarity of mind to it's wearer.  Ironically, the ancient Greeks connected this stone with Bacchus the god of wine because of it's color. 

Fun fact, when an Amethyst and Citrine form beside one another, it is called and Ametrine.  Shades of Amethyst include blueish purple to raspberry purples, at Bella's we like a true purple Amethyst set into our jewelry.

what is the February birthstone, What birthstone is Amethyst, unique birthstone jewelry

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