Engagement Rings Tips: How To Plan A Destination Proposal


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Destination proposals escape the ordinary for a moment that is extraordinary!  These romantic proposals are an excellent way to celebrate your relationship by removing yourselves from routine distractions. 

However, destination proposals take extra time and require careful planning, making planning the proposal a journey in itself.  The following tips will help you get started as well as plan for any unforeseen issues you may encounter.

1. Communication

Your relationship is unique and so is the ring that you plan to propose with.  This means you will need time to find the perfect diamond and setting from a sea of engagement rings.  Therefore, you will want to provide your Bella's personal shopper with your departure date to ensure that your ring is selected, crafted, and made in time for your trip.   

2. Insurance

While it's always a good idea to get your ring insured, if you plan on traveling with it, than it's an absolute must!  Just carrying your ring can be unsafe, not to mention security gate issues at the airport, or a wobbly-handed ring drop at an inopportune moment on a beach.  Protect yourself by insuring the ring before you leave.

3. Security

If your proposal requires air travel, than securing your ring as you pass through airport security is vital! Make sure that you do not have it on you or you will set off the metal detectors.  Likewise, be sure that you know exactly where you packed it in your carry on luggage, so if your bag needs to be inspected you can distract your soon-to-be-fiance when they take the ring out for inspection.  You may want to consider wrapping a note around your engagement ring that it is for a surprise proposal.   And, if the airport security accidentally blows your plan, then embrace the moment with a story that you will be telling for years to come about how you proposed at the airport metal detector in front on hundreds of stranger (just be prepared to go viral as hundreds of strangers post your proposal on their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram...#airportengagement)

4. Customs

If your plan requires you to leave the country make sure you bring proof of ownership of the ring prior to your departure.  This documentation could include a purchase slip from Bella's, a picture of you with the ring prior to the vacation (though you run the risk of the picture being discovered), or a copy of your insurance policy.  Just be sure you have proof that your ring was purchased before your departure.

5. Planning

Planning your proposal is exciting!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to sweep someone off their feet.  Depending on how elaborate your proposal will be, you may want to seek the expertise of a planner such as Mariah Milan from Hawaii, Andrea Eppolito from Las Vegas, or any of the creative minds at Historic Cedarwoods in Nashville.  They will be able to help you work out all the details.  However, if you are looking for a quieter proposal than reach out to the hotel you are staying at for recommendations on everything from the perfect location, to a photographer, florist, or restaurant.  Regardless, it will be one epic proposal.

6. Spontaneity

When life gets in the way of your perfect plan, you may need to have a backup; from bad weather to a missed connecting flight there are some circumstances that you just can't plan for.  Therefore, it's good to have a backup.  If you have an outdoor proposal in mind, consider making dinner reservations at a nice restaurant in case the weather does not cooperate.  Likewise, if you plan to propose during a special event, such as a concert or boat ride, try to arrive one day early so you don't have to worry about a missed flight. Having options will help keep you calm.

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