Engagement Rings: Asking, Hinting, and Being Surprised

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If you are reading this article, then it's safe to assume you are ready to take the next step in your relationship...the big one!!!  So, if you think an engagement is in your near future, it's time to start thinking about engagement ring settings and how active you want to be in the process of selecting the ring.  Do you want to be involved, be surprised, or something in between? 


Your Dream Engagement Ring #1: Being Surprised

Oh, the romance!  Letting the ring come from your beloved, as not only a symbol of their love and commitment, but as an example of how well they know you is purely selfless and beautiful.  Isn't that what love is all about?

Pros - A gift from the heart is the essence of romance.

Cons - Yes and no to it actually coming straight from your soon-to-be fiance's heart. More times than not I find that there is always someone with some opinion advising them what to buy.  Plus, jewelry may not be their strong point.    


Your Dream Engagement Ring #2: Hinting 

It's fairly common to leave hints, especially with the arrival of Pinterest (hands down the best thing that ever happened to the bridal world).  Hinting is a great way to give direction without interfering with the actual selection.  

Pros - It may be a little bit like back seat driving, but it's a nice compromise between their vision and your fantasy.

Cons - Hinting can be great, but if your hints are not clear, then you may end up with a costly assumptions that neither of you are thrilled about.   Decide if you want to focus on the quality of the diamond, the size of the diamond, the styling, etc.  This will be very helpful when your soon-to-be fiance is creating a budget.


Your Dream Engagement Ring #3: Reinforcements

Chances are your soon-to-be fiance will call in some type of reinforcements to bounce ideas off of, shop with, and act as an adviser.  Try to recruit someone from your camp to step up and help out

Pros - You have an advocate who knows your vision, and can give a few occasional nudges along the way, still allowing him/her to surprise you.

Cons - If your recruit doesn't fully understand, share, and respect your vision you could end up with something neither you or your fiance want.  Be clear, be blunt, be transparent.


Your Dream Engagement Ring #4: Do It Together

This has become more common place, especially among brides and grooms looking for either a unique ring, where the search is part of the journey, or later in life couples wanting to share the experience together.  

Pros: You get what you want.

Cons: There is no surprise.

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