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vintage wedding bands

If you have one of those gorgeous antique ring settings that the bridal world is on fire with, and you need to pair it with a wedding band, consider shopping for vintage style wedding rings.  These 'almost' vintage wedding bands have the look you want with the flexibility, styling, strength, and customization you need. Here is what to shop for to make your new wedding band look just as stylish and romantic as those vintage wedding bands you have been dreaming of.

unisex wedding bands

Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #1: Vintage Motifs

Antique ring settings were often made with popular design motifs.  If you can find these on a wedding band, your bridal set will have an authentic look.  Here are some popular motifs:

  • Millgrain - A millgrain, or beaded edge, is a linear series of round beads of metal on a ring.  The unisex wedding band set above shows the millgrain edge on the rims of the ring, as well as on a decorative interior edge.  
  • Scroll - A scrolling pattern is an elegant motif that appears on a variety of vintage style wedding bands and other jewelry.
  • Wheat - A wheat pattern is a decorative and noble embellishment meant to look like blades of wheat in an overlapping pattern.
  • Floral - Floral motifs include any flower, leaf, or combination of flower and leaf patterns and are just as popular today as they were yesterday.

mixed metal wedding rings

Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #2: Colored Gold

While white gold and platinum were used in antique ring settings and vintage wedding bands, colored metal was also popular.  Luckily, yellow and rose gold wedding bands have made a huge come back and there are many designs to choose from.  At Bella's any wedding band can be ordered in yellow, white, or rose gold or platinum. 

sapphire engagement rings

Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #3: Adding Gemstones

If your a fan of gem jewelry, than this is an ideal look for you!  Adding Emeralds, Rubies, or Sapphires to a diamond band can give you the vintage look you want.  However, just buying a gemstone band alone will not do the trick.  Look for gemstones in combination with some of the other vintage looks mentioned in this article.  

engraved wedding bands

Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #4: Vintage Jewelry Making Techniques

Selecting a wedding band made using vintage jewelry making techniques can add to the old world charm of your ring.  Here are some of the most famous jewelry making methods used in the early 20th century:

Die struck Jewelry - This type of jewelry is made by striking precious metal with immense force to slowly form the desired shape.  It is a superior method of jewelry making and will hold up to the test of time.  In fact, a number of the antique ring settings you see today are still around because they were made using the die struck technique.

Hand Engraved Jewelry - The lost art of hand engraving is truly unique.  Only a handful of manufacturers still use this method today.  Jabel is one of those companies.  The artists carefully carve the desired pattern into the jewelry creating sculptural elements that are crisper, more defined, and will with stand the test of time better than cast patterns.

curved wedding bands

Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #5: Design Your Own Wedding Band

The best part of having custom designed jewelry is you can get exactly what you want.  This is why so many brides and grooms choose to use 'design your own engagement ring' programs.  The same goes for wedding bands.  Working with a jeweler that can fully customize your ring, like Bella's, will allow you to get exactly what you want.

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