2016 Top 5 Wedding Band Trends


2017 brides will want to look to their 2016 predecessors for inspiration when it comes to wedding bands because there were some beautiful trends.  From creative mixed metal wedding rings to artistic hand engraved designs.  There was truly a wedding band for everyone!   Here are our top 2016 wedding trends:   

pink and green gold wedding bands

2016 Wedding Band Trend #1: Mixed Metal Wedding Bands

The mixed metal trend was not new to 2016, but it's renaissance, in the wake of the resurgence of pink gold jewelry was delightful! This particular die struck ring, made by Jabel (which just celebrated its 100th anniversary) is a spectacular example of tri-color jewelry. The rose blossoms, die struck from pink gold, and the gold stems and leafs, die struck from green gold, are hand assembled between contrasting 18 KT white gold rims. Not only is this ring beautiful, but because of the die struck strength, it will be around for generations to admire!

stacking wedding rings

2016 Wedding Band Trend #2: Stacking Wedding Bands

Stackable wedding rings, like the set shown above, were a wonderful new trend in the bridal world.  A new ring is added with each passing milestone such as anniversaries, buying a house, or the birth of child.  Each ring acts as a symbolic step in your life together. This particular set, from Jabel, is shown in yellow, white, and rose gold, giving you a mixed metal jewelry look.


ring guards and stacking wedding rings

2016 Wedding Band Trend #3: Ring Guards

One of the fastest growing trends disguised safety in beauty. That is correct! Ring guards are a set of rings worn on the top and bottom of the engagement ring like frames. While the frames add visual beauty they are also protecting the engagement ring setting from getting keeping bumped and banged.  Ring guards come in a variety of styles from angled rings to a set of diamond bands.  You can be as creative as you want!

curved wedding band rose gold

2016 Wedding Band Trend #4: Curved Wedding Bands

Curved wedding bands remained the top ring for brides that wanted a polished look to their wedding set.  Since the band fits snug against the engagement ring all gaps are eliminated.  If this is a look that appeals to you, there are a wide variety of designs to choose from including vintage style wedding bands, unisex wedding bands, diamond wedding bands, simple wedding bands, and more!

engraved wedding bands

2016 Wedding Band Trend #5: Vintage Wedding Bands

If you are searching for a vintage style wedding band, look no further then 2016's most popular vintage style designs.  Our collection of rings pair beautifully with everything from antique engagement rings to classic solitaire settings.  

You may want to consider investing in a hand engraved wedding band because it will give you the vintage look you desire while being made with authentic old world techniques. The hand engravers use basic carving tools and hand-eye coordination to bring the designs to life.  Their designs are truly works of art.  We love the Jabel collection best because they are engraved into Jabel's signature die struck bands.  The die striking makes the metal exceptionally dense and will retain the engraver's intricate detail longer.

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