Our Top 10 Graduation Gifts Under $500

Graduations are more than an opportunity to celebrate completion, rather, they denote a new chapter in life.  These rare occasions are a time when the gift you give should hold special meaning and be something she will treasure for the rest of her life.  Here are our top10 graduation jewelry gifts under $500:

Graduation Gift Ideas #1: 'Love'

Show your graduate how much you love her with a diamond embellished heart necklace in 14KT white gold with beautiful shimmering diamonds!  Bella's Price $476

Graduation Gift Ideas #2: A Modern Classic

This classic three stone pearl ring has been youthfully revived by Designer, David Connolly, using bright white 14KT gold and lustrous cultured pearls.  It possesses a youthful maturity your graduate will love!  Bella's Price $272

Graduation Gift Ideas #3: 'Something Blue'

Wedding bells may not be in her future now, but when they are, it would be great to have her 'something blue' be an item of great importance!  This enchanting Swiss blue topaz and diamond drop pendant and chain is perfect! Bella's Price $430

Graduation Gift Ideas #4: Combined Classics

What is better than getting one classic piece of jewelry? TWO!  These beautiful cluster earrings from designer, Engel Brothers, seamlessly meld two classic looks: a pearl stud and a three stone cluster!  They are also available in ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, and diamond! Bella's Price In Emerald $298


Graduation Gift Ideas #5: Gifts of Meaning

Did you know that pearls represent wisdom? Furthermore, white pearls represent new beginnings.  This ring symbolically positions the pearl at the apex of the ring, making it akin to the culmination of an education. Great meaning!  Bella's Price $338


Graduation Gift Ideas #6: Fine Gemstone Jewelry

Fine gemstone jewelry is a gift of maturity and ideal for graduations.  This emerald and diamond ring in 14KT gold is the perfect start to any fine jewelry collection. Bella's Price $478

Graduation Gift Ideas #7: Diamond Cross

A quality diamond cross is a beautiful and symbolic gift.  This particular cross is ideal in size for layering, one of today's most popular trends. Bella's Price $490 

Graduation Gift Idea #8: A Gold Band

Yes, it may seem a little strange to give a gold band for a graduation gift, but these stackable bands can be worn with a wedding set someday.  It's an ideal gift to exchange between classmates, who have had an impact on your life and will always be near your heart.  Bella's Price in Pink and Yellow Gold $359

Graduation Gift Ideas #9: Fleur De Lis

Excellence, Life, and Light are just a few of the meanings behind the iconic Fleur De Lis pattern used in this pair of Swiss blue topaz earrings.  Bella's Price $299 


Graduation Gift Idea #10: Something Pretty

When all else fails, just pick something that is pretty.  This ring, by designer David Connolly, uses the finest Swiss blue topaz in a lovely 14KT gold setting.  Plus, it is available in many other gemstones, just ask! Bella's Price $338 

All these styles can be ordered in different gold colors and gemstones...

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