I love the wonderful array of engagement rings available today: vintage, modern, mixed metal, gemstone, et cetera.  There is truly something for everyone. However, because of all these unique engagement rings we are seeing a rise in the demand for alternative and unique wedding bands.  Here are some of our favorite one of a kind wedding rings:


#1 Mixed Metal Wedding Rings

Jabel's signature collection of pink and green gold Rose garland wedding bands is beautiful.  They common in a variety of widths and style variations, including bands that are framed with 18KT white gold rims!  Plus, they are made using Jabel's famous die struck technique that makes them of superior quality and strength.  To see how they are made check out Jabel's blog.

#2 Hand Engraved Wedding Rings

Another one of our favorites at Jabel are their hand engraved vintage style wedding bands.  These rings are truly a work of art.  An artisan starts with a die struck plain gold band, the die striking provides a better material for carving, and hand carves the pattern into relief.  This examples uses their famous wheat pattern with a hand millgrained edge.  To see how the artisans carve these bands read this blog by Jabel.


#3 Ring Guards

Ring guards are a fun alternative to a traditional wedding band.  These simple frames sit on either side of the engagement ring and act as a frame.  Not only do they really compliment and keep the attention on the engagement ring, they also provide extra protection. While most any wedding band can be purchased in multiples to act as a ring guard, I love Jabel's angled collection.  They really pull your eye into the engagement ring!


#4 Gemstone Wedding Rings

This vintage style emerald and diamond wedding ring from Engel Brother's is stunning!  It can be customized in any precious gemstone (Ruby, Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, and Tanzanite).  Plus it comes in 14KT yellow.  It's perfect for brides either matching a gemstone engagement ring, as well as, the bride who wants to add a little color to her wedding set!  Plus, additional bands can be purchased later on for a stackable gemstone ring look.


#5 Stackable Wedding Rings

This is perhaps my all-time favorite stacakble wedding ring.  On its own it looks like a simple gold wedding band with vintage details.  However, as you stack contrasting metals you have a fresh, chic look that is captivating!  

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