Getting Engaged Over The Holidays? Check Out These Unique Proposals


The holidays are a magic time to get engaged. Everywhere you look there are shimmering lights and holiday decorations, smiling faces, and endless photo-op spots for that perfect just engaged selfie.  Here are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect holiday proposal.


The Public Proposal

Attend a local holiday concert and arrange for the choir to sing a festive remake of a classic holiday favorite using "will you marry me" in the refrain.  You may want them to sing the song towards the end of the concert, since I’m sure you won't want to sit through an entire concert after just hearing 'Yes.' 

The Keepsake Proposal

Attach the ring to a Christmas ornament for the perfect Christmas morning proposal. Years down the road you will always have the ornament to remind you of that special moment.

The Christmas Tree Proposal

Get your Christmas tree from a scenic cut-your-own tree farm.  When you find the perfect tree, bend down on one knee as if to cut the tree and instead pop the question.  Many of these farms offer wedding facilities in the summer. How great for you to get married in the same place you proposed?

The Engagement Cookie

Suggest you make Christmas cookies together.  When you start baking have a rewritten copy of the recipe called "Recipe For a Lifetime of Happiness" and have everything you love about your someone-special be the ingredients!  

The Wrapping Paper Proposal

Offer to wrap the Christmas gifts together, when you think your all done, say "look there's one more" then present the box and pop the question!  

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