Little Black Dresses In Your Jewelry Box


Is your jewelry wardrobe complete? 

A collection of jewelry is much like a wardrobe of clothes, sure there will be some fun pieces that come and go, but you need a handful of dependable jewelry styles on hand at all times. I like to think of them as the little black dresses in your jewelry box!  Here are my top 3 jewelry must-haves:

#1 - Classic Diamond Earrings

Sure, you can special order a pair of plain diamond studs from us, or you can have some fun with a pair of diamond cluster earrings.  Diamond clusters give you more shine for your investment. I particularly like Jabel Jewelry's cluster earrings because they are set in a domed pattern to amplify the amount of light which increases the overall brilliance of the diamonds.  Plus, diamond cluster earrings are a universal jewelry item, they look just as great going out to lunch with friends as they do for a formal evening affair.

#2 - A Diamond Bracelet

From classic straight tennis bracelets to an ornate vintage style bracelet, a diamond bracelet is a must!  A great way to fill this 'must-have' category is with Jabel's Add-A-Section bracelets.  These stunning bracelets grow one diamond link at a time; allowing you to invest slowly over time, attach beautiful memories with each link by giving them on milestone and special occasions, and creating a beautiful bracelet to treasure for generations to come.

#3 - A Bold Cocktail Ring

This is the centerpiece of your wardrobe and the one piece of jewelry that everyone notices.  It is the ring that generations will fawn over and treasure.  Follow your instincts and make sure you buy a well-made ring that will with stand the test of time, like one of Jabel's die struck rings.  This is an investment piece and you want it to last!


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