Pink and Green Gold Carved Jewelry

Pink gold jewelry is everywhere!  We see it in everything from stackable jewelry to delicate floral engagement rings, but our favorite use of it is in Jabel’s pink and green gold carved jewelry.  These simple wedding bands, engagement rings, bracelets, and pendants have a natural and spontaneous look to them.  However, the actual craftsmanship that goes into making each piece is incredible.

It all begins in Jabel’s die striking department where the individual decorative elements; flowers, leafs, and details, are struck piece by piece.  The striking department slowly compresses the gold into the desired shape with such an extraordinary amount of force that the gold is substantially denser than if it had been cast.

Next the individual elements are brought to the jeweler department.  Using torches the jewelers hand assemble the decorative elements into the desired pattern type of jewelry. 

After the jeweler assemble the piece it is then brought back to the striking department for a second round of striking.  This ensures there will be no seems, giving it a smooth and flawless look.

Finally, the piece is brought to the hand engraver where additional details are carved to add a three dimensional quality to the final product. 

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