Everything You Want To Know About Curved Wedding Bands

One of the biggest choices you need to make in the wedding planning process is selecting a straight or curved wedding band.  Both styles have their pros and cons.  However, if you follow your heart, what ever you choose will be perfect.  Here is a quick Q & A to help you decide for yourself:

Question: Is there an advantage to buying a curved wedding band?

Answer: For some brides "yes," if you want a seamless look.  We believe the best part of selecting a curved or contoured wedding band is that it gives you a uniform look by fitting flush against the engagement ring.  This eliminates gaps and has a very clean appearance.  

Question: Are there any disadvantages to buying a curved wedding band?

Answer: If you do not plan on wearing your engagement ring everyday then you may want to consider a straight band as it can be worn without the engagement ring.  

Question: How do I know if a curved wedding band will fit against my ring?

Answer: Typically, curved wedding bands are custom fit around the engagement ring, this will ensure you have a perfect match. 

Question: I like an eclectic look but don't want gaps between my wedding band and engagement ring?

Answer: In that case shop for a curved wedding band that will contrast your engagement ring.  Just because the curvature matches does not mean that the ring have to match too!

Question: Are there other uses for curved wedding bands?

Answer: You can frame your engagement ring with a band on either side, using them as ring guards.  

 If you have any other questions, feel free to email us and we will help you find the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring! 

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