The Not-So-Simple Wedding Band

Congratulations on your engagement!  Now comes your turn to go jewelry shopping by selecting the perfect wedding bands.  What may surprise you are all the options. Here is a helpful summary to get you up to speed on the wedding ring lingo!


Straight Wedding Bands

These wedding bands go straight across the finger and do not follow the curvature of your engagement ring. This is an ideal style for the bride who does not intend on wearing her engagement ring everyday.


Curved Wedding Bands (A.K.A. Contoured Wedding Bands)

These wedding follow the curvature of your engagement ring giving it a cohesive look.  If you do not intend on wearing your engagement ring everyday, you may prefer a straight wedding band.


Ring Guards

These are two separate wedding rings, worn on either side of the engagement ring.  They come in a variety of styles, some are angled across the width of the band to taper away from the engagement ring, while others prefer to select any two wedding bands. Besides being highly fashionable, this is a great option because it provides extra protection for the engagement ring.


This style of wedding band has a portion of the design that fits around the center diamond of the engagement ring. The style works best when paired with plain solitaire engagement rings.

Inserts (Or Diamond Ring Jackets)

Inserts function similar to ring guards, however, they are joined at the bottom.  You literally insert your engagement ring between the bands. 


Eternity Wedding Band

Any ring that has a continues pattern around the ring is an eternity band; it can be gemstone, diamond, or an engraved pattern.


Channel Set Wedding Band

This type of wedding band contains stones (either diamonds and/or gemstones) that are set suspended between two sides of a channel.


Prong Set Wedding Band

Prongs are thin metal projections that hold a stone in place.  Prong set wedding bands use this type of setting to secure the stones.


Common Prong Wedding Band

This type of wedding band uses two sides of a prong to hold a stone in place.  It is also called "shared prong."

His and Hers Wedding Bands

This is when the wedding bands between both spouses either match completely or have similar enough characteristics (motif, polishing, mixed metal combinations, etc) that they look alike!


Comfort Fit Wedding Bands

This is a design to the band that lets it sit more comfortably on the finger.

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