9 Antique Style Engagement Rings You MUST See!

If you are looking for the perfect antique style engagement ring you are not alone.  The popularity of this look has led to an extraordinary selection of rings to pick from.  Here are our favorites:

Look 1: A Great Setting!

Antique engagement rings have amazing settings.  When you are looking for your perfect ring, look for one like this style from Jabel. This is truly a one-of-a-kind setting.

Look 2: Hand Engraved Details

If you want the perfect vintage look, ask for rings that have hand engraved details.  Not only are they beautiful, but each one is truly an original work of art. For a description of how it is done read this article by Jabel!


Look 3: Mixed Metal Details

You may not have realized this, but green and pink gold jewelry have been around for quite a long time.  A number of Jabel's most popular bands date back to 1941. We love this beautiful mixed metal engagement ring, which uses hand carved details to enhance the three dimensional quality of the design.  

Look 4: Vintage Motifs

Vintage details, such as the Art Deco style engagement ring below, featuring palm, scroll, and bead details, are key to perfecting the look.  

Look 5: One Of A Kind Engagement Rings

Hand engraving is a lost art, where every details is applied by hand by a skilled artisan.  Today, we typically only see cast versions of faux engravings on the market, that will wear off quickly over time. This is why we love working with Jabel's artisans, they continue to be masters in the discipline, producing one of a kind engagement rings like the one featured below.  

Look 6: Millgrain Engagement Rings

You may have noticed a pattern among the rings featured in this article, many have small decorative beads of gold.  This is called Millgraining.  This is, and continues to be a popular decorative element.  Finding, or special ordering, an engagement ring with this detail will ensure you a vintage look.

Look 7: Floral Motif Engagement Rings

Floral inspired engagement rings have always been popular.  However, now more than ever, vintage style floral engagement rings are at an all time high!  We love this diamond mounting from Jabel with die struck and hand engraved flowers.


Look 8: Pierced Engagement Rings

Pierced shanks are a decorative element, where a jeweler actually pierce select parts of the ring to allow breath and movement in the design.  

Look 9: A Combination of Vintage Elements

This three stone engagement ring, a variation of Look 1, pulls together most all of the elements we discussed; floral prongs, scroll details, and millgraining.  Mix it up with sapphire side stones and you have one stunning vintage inspired engagement ring. 

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