Trend: Mixing Color into Wedding Bands

Do you have a sapphire and diamond wedding band?  Do you have a plain and simple wedding band?  Or, do you have a diamond wedding band?  The new trend is mixing metals and color into your wedding bands.  There is no rule that states if you have a platinum engagement ring that you have to have a platinum wedding band.  You can mix in anything you want.  With the current trend of pink/rose gold, you can even mix that in.  I love the concept of stacking wedding bands.  Here is what I would stack if I were going to get married again!

Ring 1: The original wedding band.

This is a diamond Eternity Band.  I chose a white gold and diamond band to match my platinum engagement ring and loved the idea of "eternity".  I thought of it as eternal and forever love.

Ring 2: First Anniversary

This simple engraved with millgrain wedding band would look amazing stacked next to my white gold eternity band.  I love how it is pink gold.  I love how it is thinner than the diamond band, and I just love the vintage feel to it.

Ring 3: Special Birthday

Now I would want some color thrown into the mix!  I love rubies (the July birthstone) and I love the clean look of the channel set.  The only thing I might consider is to make this ruby and diamond band into an eternity band. 

I think these three would look great on my left hand, stacked one by one.

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