What is Die Struck Jewelery?

We frequently use the term “die struck jewelry.” Do you know what that means? Here is a quick summary:


Die striking was a common jewelry making practice used in the early 20th Century. Today, only a handful of fine jewelry designers, like Jabel, honor this tradition.


Die struck jewelry is made using a unique manufacturing process where carefully alloyed gold or platinum is struck with several tons of force to shape the jewelry.  Dies that are repeatedly struck slowly form the metal into a dense compressed piece of jewelry.  The result is an heirloom quality product that is harder and stronger than cast jewelry.


We have a unique relationship with Jabel Jewelry. When you order your Jabel setting every detail is made to your exact specifications; including ring size, diamond grade, center stone selection, precious metal, hand engraving etc. The jewelry is not made until you are ready!


Our die struck jewelry is made at Jabel which is manufactured in the USA!


As a result of the jewelry’s strength it is able to hold up to daily wear and tear for generations. This is why die struck jewelry is often referred to as “heirloom quality jewelry.”

Here are some great die striking resources from our designer, Jabel:
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