Rings from Bella's Jewelers have been carefully designed for decades to reflect the beauty of nature and the high quality craftsmanship they have been created with. Complete your wardrobe with an iconic Jabel ring from Bella's, the number one seller of Jabel rings and jewelry.

Made in USA

Please be assured that we use ethically sourced diamonds that are conflict free and Kimberly Process compliant.  Also, our diamonds are naturally mined from the Earth and are not enhanced or treated.  We do not sell lab grown diamonds.

Blue Topaz Halo Ring
Bezel Rope Edge Ring with Cushion Checkerboard Cut Bezel Center Stone from $ 660.00
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November Birthstone, Citrine Halo Ring, citrine birthstone
Bezel Rope Edge Ring with Round Bezel Center Stone from $ 742.00
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modern march birthstone ring, aquamarine birthstone ring, aquamarine solitaire, bezel birthstone rings
Full Bezel Aquamarine Ring in 14KT from $ 885.00
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modern aquamarine ring, braided gemstone rings, modern braided gemstone ring
Modern Braided Oval Bezel Ring in Aquamarine from $ 900.00
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modern blue zircon braided rings
Modern Braided Radiant Cut Bezel Ring in Blue Zircon from $ 1,140.00
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Modern Amethyst Birthstone Ring, Stackable modern birthstone ring, February stackable birthstone ring
Modern Oval Ring with an East West Bezel Setting and a Braided Band from $ 855.00
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