Add some sparkle to your life with beautiful earrings from Bella's. All our earring sets are created from only the best metals and precious stones. Additionally, all our gorgeous earring pairs have "gone green," and are consciously designed and created to meet not only your needs, but those of the environment.

Made in USA

Please be assured that we use ethically sourced diamonds that are conflict free and Kimberly Process compliant.  Also, our diamonds are naturally mined from the Earth and are not enhanced or treated.  We do not sell lab grown diamonds.

bezel aquamarine studs, modern birthstone earrings
Bezel Set Aquamarine Earrings $ 358.00
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march birthstone, aquamarine studs, diamond and aquamarine stud earrings
Classic Stud Earrings in Aquamarine and Diamond $ 454.00
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cushion checkerboard earrings, cushion checkerboard birthstone, big birthstone earrings
Cushion Checkerboard Stud Earring in 14KT Gold - Grand Version from $ 630.00
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cushion checkerboard earring studs, aquamarine birthstone earrings unique
Cushion Checkerboard Stud Earring in 14KT Gold - Mid Version from $ 525.00
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cushion checkerboard stud earrings, unique birthstone earrings, color stone studs
Cushion Checkerboard Stud Earring in 14KT Gold - Petite Version from $ 400.00
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March Birthstone earrings, aquamarine drop earrings, diamond and aquamarine earrings
Square Dangle Aquamarine Earrings $ 828.00
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March Birthstone, halo earrings, gemstone halo earrings, aquamarine earrings
Square Halo Aquamarine Earrings $ 999.00
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